• A well located standard shop, branded With Accessbet colours and properly furnished to Accessbet quality compliant standard. Accessbet could complement your viewing centre, sport bar, Barbing Salon, Cyber CafĂ© or replace your dying business as far as it is in a busy area.

  • Complete Computer systems (monitor, CPU,UPS, mouse and keyboard).
  • A4 Printer -for printing daily fixtures.
  • 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer - for printing BetSlip.
  • Selling point (cubicle).
  • Complete Computer systems (monitor, CPU,UPS, mouse and keyboard).(3 minimum)
  • Standard Fixture boards
  • Fast Internet - Broadband
  • Generator
  • Television set for Virtual Games (compulsory)

  • A passport photograph, one recent utility bill and I.D card (national I.D card, voters card, driving license or international passport)

  • NOTE: All the listed items above are basic requirements, you can also make provision for live matches so as to entertain your customers and keep them around.
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